Data Analytics Manager

Data Analytic manager

So you spend alot of time driving traffic to your site but if you can’t measure it and analyse it then its all pretty worthless. Thats where Analytics Management Services comes in. At Lemon Interactive we are experts in using Google Analytics (a free tool that Google provides which is perfect for the job) enabling you to run your business while we run your website and help you to make the decisions that drive your online strategy.

Data analytics manager in lemon Interactive provides full Google Analytics management allowing you to manage and measure the following:

  • All traffic to your site
  • Determine hot and cold zones on your site
  • Determine site entry and exit points
  • Site visitors and their geographical analysis
  • Browser usage
  • Conversion tracking and goal setting
  • Ecommerce conversions
  • Content optimisation reports
  • Landing pages
  • Funnel and navigation reports
  • Site overlays and traffic reporting

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