Mobile Website Development

Mobile Website Development

In some cases, when your clients visit your website via their mobile phone browsers, the limitations of those browsers often does not reflect the right experience that you created on their desktop browser. This is because mobile phone browsers are designed to lighten websites and as a result formatting tends to suffer.

The solution for this is to create a dedicated Mobile website which draws data form your existing website but presentes it in a lighter and more browser friendly way. Many of our clients actually mistaken mobile websites with mobile applications. They assume that to have a presence on a devide one must have to build an application. This is not the truth and in fact over time mobile browsers have become more efficient at presenting web pages without major formatting errors.

Lemon Interactive has a dedicated team of Mobile Website Developers which have proficiency in identifying the various mobile browsers and assembling the content to fit in them. We analyze the existing website and identify the content which is most compatible with the mobile browser. We also develop mobile websites using GPRS. Some of the major services that we provide are:

  • Map servics
  • Stock price services
  • Calendar services
  • E mail services amoung others.

So if you require mobile website development services then contact us at or call us at the number above.

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