Systems Integration Services

System integration

Systems Integration Services

System Integration is the bringing together of multiple technologies small or large across a single IT environment.

Lemon Interactive offers a host of Systems Integration Services including complex infrastructure of information systems that may include designing as well as constructing new systems, installing and maintaining servers and hosting.

Our System Integration Services guarantee that:

  • Your architecture is made scalable and performs at best possible levels
  • Your infrastructure is secure, reliable and available according to the best possible standards
  • You are getting the maximum output of your current technology infrastructure.
  • You always make the right choice of technology
  • Your pre existing systems are always well incorporated with the latest technologies.


  • Installing and configuration of Servers and Operating Systems
  • Installing and configuration of Networks, Routers and Switches
  • Management of Network and Bandwidth
  • Firewall, Internet and Proxy
  • Solution of Cluster with Application / Database fail over
  • We offer Storage Area Network(SAN) and Network Attached Storage (NAS)
  • Configuration and performance tuning of Linux , NT and Unix
  • Management of facility with SLA

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