A few tips on how to build trust into your website!

I have come up with a compilation of tips to ensure that your site is trusted by your potential customers and these will help in ultimately converting your traffic to sales!

– Security certificates, authorisation codes etc for payments you are taking.

– Good Communication – Let your buyers know what is happening with their order, every step of the way.

– Encourage users to leave positive reviews on independent site’s eg. Qype etc

– Offline Marketing – real world mentions go a long way to inspire trust in an unknown brand

– Live chat maybe a useful support tool

– Clean design – This is absolutely imperative!

– Strong organic rankings across multiple search terms – although most downplay the importance of this, I know and you know that multiple appearances in the top 5 or top 10 instill masses of confidence in a users experience of your site.

– Consumer confidence aside, keep in mind online shoppers have a short attention span, so testing your design and shopping cart to make it as easy as possible to use can be a great way to maximise conversions from your existing traffic!

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