Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Tell me and I will forget…

Show me and I will remember…

Involve me and I will understand…

Welcome to the new world. The world of Augmented Reality. Augmented Reality is technology by which the real world is overlaid with the virtual.

Augmented reality (AR) is when real life is enhanced with real time interactive digital media. This unique experience delivers a fun, captivating platform to engage the consumer and promote your brand. This is done at its simplest using a webcam and computer. The user, for example, places his palm up to the camera and looks into the screen only to see a baseball played moving on his hand. But incredibly as he moves his hand the baseball player moves with him:

Augmented Reality involves uses of 3 major senses, sight, sound and speech. Movement is all part of the interactive experience too. The example above is a very simple one, however, businesses and big brands are sitting up and taking notice. Kiosks have appeared all over the US where people are able to interact virtually with objects, other people and products. Here are some of the reasons behind why use Augmented Reality services is becoming so popular:

  • Digital Transition play
  • Virtual/Real Interactivity
  • Social Networking
  • 3D becoming commodity
  • Immersive Contents
  • Keyboard less interactivity
  • User Generated Content
  • Product usage experience
  • Instant digital content access
  • Instant Emotion sharing
  • Consumer-Buyer generations gap
  • Consumer profiling and feedback
  • Keep Digital contact with consumer
  • Increase Digital revenues
  • Cross/Trans Media

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