Performance SEO

performance SEO

Performance SEO

So you have a beautiful website. But lets face if no one sees it, your beautiful website isn’t doing you much good. Its a known fact that a first page ranking on Google will generate you about 40% revenue growth.

You’re probably sceptical, because there are a number of SEO companies out there charging high monthly fees for little measurable return. Lemon Interactive’s PERFORMANCE SEO isn’t like that. It is the worlds first superior performance, results based SEO charging product. We’ll work with you to choose the right keywords, and if you don’t see an increase in rankings you don’t pay a penny. Plus, unlike other SEO results based charging products, there is no upfront fee!


At Lemon Interactive we are consistently ranked in the top 5 by industry watchdog and employ only white hat Google-friendly techniques. Call us today and we’ll get your campaign started within a week.

Want more information, you can download the PDF explaining this great performance based SEO product. Or you can email us at

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