Windows Phone Application Development

windows phone application development

Windows Phone Application Development

WinnerFor many years the Windows Mobile operating system played second fiddle to the likes of Blackberry, Symbian and Apple’s iOS. Its clunkyness, unreliability and poor interface did not make it a great choice for business people. However, it did handle email well with direct interfacing capability through Active Sync and Exchange Server.

But that was then, this is now, Windows Mobile does not exist anymore, in 2010 Microsoft launched a completely new interface on the phone and called it the Windows Phone.

Windows Phone is completely different, in the sense that the home screen has a series of live tiles which update from the internet automatically creating a very dynamic home page. For instance, tiles are available for the weather, stick updates, facebook updates, emails, text messages and many more. This “always on” home screen as made the Windows phone a real competitor to Apple’s iPhone.

Its not just the home screen that has changed, Microsoft has integrated its Zune media player and more importantly it has an updated marketplace to buy applications come. Thats where we come in. Microsoft Windows Phone Applications will grow rapidly over the next few years as Microsoft work hard to win back market share from its competitors and they have certainly done a great job in helping developers create amazing applications on their platform. So if you are thinking of developing windows phone applications then speak to Lemon Interactive about our Windows Phone application development Services. We also have a sister website dedicated to Windows Phone Application Development. Click here to visit their website.

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