On Page Optimization Services

On Page Optimization services

On Page Optimization Services

On page factors are very important when it comes to SEO. Effectively this is where we review the content and the structure of the webpage itself and the optimise it according to rules governed by search engines like Google.

There are several factors that search engines like Google take into account such as:

  • On page content – Is it relevant to the subject and more importantly does it tell the user something useful?
  • Title Tags – Are they relevant, not too long and relate to the content?
  • Page URL’s – Do they contain words which relate to the page content? Does it have a good structure, i.e. it is not a string of numbers
  • Image Tagging – Do the images have appropriate and relevant ALT texts
  • Linking – Are there any links back to category or subcategory pages

There are, ofcourse, several more factors that we review but these are the main ones which require indepth scrutiny. Once we have reviewed the main on page factors, and fixed them, we can begin building the relevant links. It must be stressed that good on page optimisation can make the difference between an SEO campaign being successful or not. Why risk going to an amateur?

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