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Ruby on Rails Development

Ruby on Rails is an open-source framework that many programmers say has been designed with them in mind.

Ruby on Rails is a relatively new web technology but has quickly established itself as the leading framework of choice for web application developers. Notable examples using the framework include Twitter, Groupon, Living Social and Basecamp. Its advantage over other application frameworks stem from being a “Model View Controller Framework” which means that it follows a set of conventions which lead to the highest standard in web applications, and because it is a “test driven development” environment this ensures applications are stable and reliable. More specifically, Ruby on Rails has many advantages over many other frameworks:

  • It is the choice for those wishing to create an application that grows and adapts with its users needs over time as it is organised in a way that makes programmers better able to respond to requirements as business needs change over time.
  • It allows for quick prototyping of a web application, which then quickly evolves into a finalised web-app. This leads to faster and more cost-effective development.
  • Rails creates web applications that are easy to deploy and web applications that can easily scale up when traffic increases.
  • Rails has a system of “test driven development” – This means it facilities and encourages constant testing which ensures the end product is a stable, bug free web application.
  • The “Model View Controller framework” means that programmers follow a set of conventions in order to get things done which means that programmers can slot in and out ensuring continuity. These factors ensure Ruby on Rails is considered the first choice and leading framework for a modern web application. Lemon Interactive has experience in working in Ruby on Rails since the early days of its conception in 2004.

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