Offshoring Services

offshore software development services

Offshoring Services

One hurdle confronting organisations is the lapse of time period between the birth of an idea to its final execution. Innovators launch their product in the market at a wrong time and give their rivals enough space to beat them with their own product launches! This is where Lemon Interactive Offshoring Software Product Development (OSPD) comes in. OSPD meets this challenge by helping organisations swiftly transform their concepts into total software solutions.

Using the Offshore Development Centre provided by Lemon Interactive, you get an office building with the latest infrastructure and amenities which can be fully customised as per your requirements of hardware, software and human resource needs. You have no issues of time zone difference as we provide 24/7 coverage. We also provide a software testing model based on SaaS which requires zero capital investment and a chance of owning the total organisation as a branch of your company.

Based in London with a centre in India, Lemon Interactive is preferred due to its sound knowledge base, focus on IT solutions, impeccable track record in delivering return on investment, its status as a leading and independent authority in specialty areas, its western interface for all customers which enables them to stay ahead of their offshore IT developments and solutions which deliver work right from implementation through to benefit realisation. The group has generated over one billion pounds to date in the UK industry owing to its cost reduction and revenue generation programs.

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