Results Based SEO

results based seo

Results Based SEO

Lemon Interactive is prepared to put its money where its mouth is with Results Based SEO services.

Effectively this means that we will only charge once we achieve the rankings that we have pre-agreed for any given keyword. We will then allow it to stay at that ranking for 2 weeks before charging a maintainence fee to keep it there. But in the mean time you have all the benefit while the ranking is being achieved. We can work on any number of keywords you choose and the beauty of this is that you pay nothing until we achieve them. And when we say NOTHING we mean NOTHING, no start up costs whatsoever!

Our charges for each keyword are very reasonable too and much cheaper than Google ADWORDS or most of our UK based competitors. Because we only earn our fees when we achieve the rankings (as its results based SEO) we are motivated to get you there quickly so that we can earn our fees. So no hanging around for us then! Most of our clients get to top ten rankings within 3 months and top 3 within 6 months… but atleast you are not paying monthly charges for it. To learn more about our results based SEO charging services for London, UK or global please contact us via the link below.

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