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Video Marketing

Videos are booming! Sites like Youtube have grown rapidly with millions of hours of footage being uploaded every month. Video creation and marketing is now the number one most effective way to get access to your customers and convert them to business. Lemon Interactive can help drive traffic to online videos using specific video SEO techniques aswell as generic SEO techniques. It is important to remember that whilst we are dealing with video and not text the principles of SEO do not differ that much. We would need to identify the videos that require promotion, make sure they are optimised and then use the various promotion methods to get traffic to them.

Blended Results

Google now shows a series of what they call BLENDED SEARCH RESULTS which effectively is a mix of content such as text, news, images and videos. The videos that are shown are few and far between from a page 1 perspective, but obtaining these rankings for video listings is very important in driving traffic from Google.


The first step is to optimise the videos from both a platform perspective and also from the perspective of hosting on the client site itself. The video on the actual website does not need to be a fully blown version but maybe just a synopsis. This allows us to optimise the video for Google by submitting a video sitemap through the webmaster tools. In YouTube and other video sites we would need to check the various meta elements such as the title, description, tags, captions, create engaging thumbnails and comments. This phase will set us up for the promotion phase.


Promotion of videos is much like that of normal sites, we use external linking to drive the traffic to the site. The elements which require interfacing are both technical and social. Here are the majority of the external sites used to drive the traffic:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Social bookmarking such as Stumble upon and Delicious
  • Relevant 3rd party blogs
  • Standard link building using directory submissions and forums
  • Article submissions

We can also consider specific video promotions such as:

  • Tools like YouTube promoted videos (basically adwords for YouTube)
  • Call to action overlays (ads within the video)
  • Link building using embeds


Prior to starting we will need to conduct an element of research to give us an idea of what can be achieved from a traffic increase perspective and to what degree. To this end we use the following tools to determine the “market size”:

  • Google keywords – long tail
  • YouTube insights
  • YouTube keyword tool
  • Where appropriate, equivalents for other 3rd party video sites

This data will allow us to predict the kind of increases we can expect and over what timeframe. Clearly the content itself can affect this dramatically, i.e. Is the video viral in nature? We can give some input into this in terms of assessing the viral nature of the video and if necessary we can also help create the content to make it more engaging.


The time spent on Video marketing is broken up into 2 simultaneous phases, analytical and implementation. The analytical is all about the research and then the guidance of the implementation once started with continual reviews and tweaking as necessary. The implementation phase is about building the links and the social activity to create the drive in traffic.

Copyright Management and Video Removal Services

Lemon Interactive also offers a very unique service of managing large brands presence on video sharing sites. We have full Youtube Partner status and can remove infringing material within 24 hours. This service mainly suits big brands, musicians and other entities looking to protect their copyrighted material.

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