iPad Application Development

ipad application development

iPad Application Development

The iPad came after the iPhone and has taken the small form factor and released it as a larger touch device which is far more intuitive and has a multitude more applications that can be developed for it. The iPad has shone outstandingly for a number of application areas, most notably as an ebook reader and as a web browser. But recently, the iPad has been targeted with a number of commercial applicaitons and hardware which has made it capable of of delivering near laptop style experiences.

At Lemon Interactive, we will work with you to understand the strategy of your application, its functionality, its target market, right through to understanding the look and feel in order to be able to finalise a strong brief that we take to our expert team of ipad application developers. The iPad uses the same coding interface as the iPhone so it makes taking existing iphone apps to the iPad quite straight forward. We will use the same Lemon Interactive quality processes to deliver best in class iPad applications and our iPad application development services will complement those processes. LIke with all of our mobile offerings we can provide outsoursed iPad development teams aswell as work on specific applications on a one and one basis.

If you would like to learn more about our iPad Application Development Services then contact as at info@lemoninteractive.co.uk

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