iPhone Application Development

iphone application development

iPhone Application Development

The iPhone is a Revolutionary device which is designed and marketed by Apple Inc. In the last 5 years the iPhone has dominated the mobile market place within its innovations and first to market products. Coupled with the success of iTunes, the iPhone has become a great platform on which to create and sell applications.

iPhone provides a downgraded version of the OS framework to Mac OS X framework called iOS. iPhone has the Cocoa Touch Framework. The iPhone provides lower level access to third party applications. So it is possible for developers to build vast categories of application on iPhones. Application Category are listed as below:

  • Office/Business application
  • Multimedia Application
  • Internet Application
  • Fun Application
  • Games
  • Utility application etc.


  • Xcode is Apple’s suite of tools for developing application
  • Xcode is both easy to use, and yet powerful enough to build the largest Mac OS X applications.
  • The main application of the suite is the integrated development environment (IDE), also named Xcode. The Xcode suite also includes most of Apple’s developer documentation, and Interface Builder.

Interface Builder:

  • Interface Builder is Apple’s graphical editor for designing user interface components for both Carbon and Cocoa applications.
  • Interface Builder works closely with Xcode to provide a development experience that facilitates the concurrent but specialized development of an application’s user interface and business logic.


  • Instrument gathers data from your running application and presents that data in a graphical display called the timeline.
  • Analysis can be made on different categories like User Events, CPU and Processes, Memory, File Activity, Network Activity and Graphics etc.

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