Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing Services

If your strategy includes outsourcing, you can rely on us to offer you the best and the most economical solutions for you. The offshore services offered by us are:

  • Staff enlargement: try letting our people enhance your employee requirements
  • We develop software in several important technologies
  • Web designing and development which use all the modern standards and skills
  • Web application development which also incorporates e-commerce development
  • Full Internet applications developed with the help of Adobe and other devices
  • Services for mobile application development which include iPhone, Android, J2ME among many others.
  • Bring traffic to your sites with our Search Engine Optimization Outsourcing (SEO) or Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services.
  • Content Management Systems which will enable you to administer your websites in a more effective manner.

The process involved in developing your software offshore is six fold:

  • researching the market and the sales.
  • analysing the requirements of the market and studying the system
  • deciding on a project and approving it
  • studying and designing the system
  • development and the subsequent quality appraisal
  • installation and support system

The biggest problem confronting organizations these days irrespective of start up companies to more recognized ones is the large time period that elapses between the birth of an idea to its final execution and production. This long time taken may cause innovators to launch their product at a wrong time, or even worse give their rivals lead time to beat them with their own product launches! This is where the Lemon Interactive Outsource Software Product Development (OSPD) comes in. It solves these problems by assisting both initial ventures and the more established organisations to swiftly transform their ideas and concepts into total software solutions. We offer an OFFSHORE DEVELOPMENT CENTER in the process of setting up an OSPD. This has numerous benefits for you:

  • You get an office building having the latest infrastructure and amenities.
  • It can be fully customized according to your requirements of hardware, software and human resource needs.
  • You get to handle your own workers offshore
  • Since we provide 24/7 coverage, there are no issues of time zone differences.
  • Our software testing model is based on SaaS.
  • Capital investment required is zero.
  • You have the choice of owning the total organization as a branch of your company.

For any further information related to our outsourcing services, please feel free to contact us at info@lemoninteractive.co.uk

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