SEO Processes and Procedures

SEO Processes and Procedures

SEO Process

SEO processes and procedures follows a multi-stage process in order to become effective:

Step 1. Initial Site Analysis :

Our first step to guide your campaign in the right direction depends on our understanding of your business and online processes.

  • Analyzing the status of the website on search engines.
  • Validating the site to ensure the quality with the measures of broken/Bad/Erroneous Links.
  • Verification on the domain history.
  • Reviews and Walkthroughs done on the entire content of the site.
  • Searching image optimization.

Step 2. Initial Site Analysis :

Based on the above information we do a competitive analysis to understand our competition so that we know:

  • What is the competition we are dealing with.
  • Analyze their current strategies and keywords.

Step 3. Keyword Strategy and target list preparation :

Success of search engine marketing largely depends on selecting the right keywords. With the above harvested information and Software tools (which guide us in the most used search engine terms by visitors) we prepare a list of targeted keywords, and finalize on them on mutual basis. In this process we will select some targeted keywords related to your site and optimize the site for those keywords. After Optimization we will get some good position for those keywords in the Major search Engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Alta vista, All the web and other Search Engines.

Step 4. Meta Tag Optimization :

Creating Meta tags in tune with the prepared keyword list (Title, keywords, Description), after identifying the pages and their target keywords.

  • HTML Code optimizing which includes setting up the site’s home page Compliant, and adding headings, image alt tags and hyperlinks.
  • HTML Code Clean up and optimization.

Step 5. Search Engine Submission :

Manual submission of the website to different search engines with a focus on the most popular engines, such as Google, AOL, MSN, AltaVista, All The Web, Yahoo! and

Step 6. Link Popularity/ Link Building :

Link popularity is a process of promoting website rankings. This can be done by adding quality web links to your website.

  • Our SEO dedicated team conducts research on the Internet to identify relevant quality sites.
  • We then contact them on a one-to-one basis and establish a dialogue.
  • We will provide you with linking status and confirmation reports as they become available.

Step 7. Rank reporting & monitoring the site accordingly :

At this point, the only thing left to do is wait for your rankings to roll in! Usually it takes some time for the website to show up in search engines. If you’ve paid for inclusion with the search engines and directories that offer this, you’ll start to see results within a week or two. We send reports on the Search Engine rankings to you via email and also upload it on our site so as to make it accessible to you 24×7 hr. a week.

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